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10 Costumes that Actors Spent Hours Taking Off

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10 Costumes that Actors Spent Hours Taking Off

Acting is easy, right? In the words of legendary actor Ian McKellen, you bet! He once said: 

How do I act so well?

How did I know what to say? The words were written down in a script.

How did I know where to stand? People told me.

Oh, and also, there will be no scripts on the night! He made sure to clarify it himself. Don’t believe me? Hear it from the legend himself:

Well, okay, maybe it’s not that simple. Acting can take incredible vulnerability, many hours digging into specifics, and an ability to connect with millions of people. But maybe one of the most dreaded tasks, especially in the age of the MCU, is the costumes. 

Some of these costumes are so intense that it takes hours to put on. Let alone take off! For “How the Grinch Stole Christmas,” Jim Carrey had to spend 8 hours in the makeup chair getting ready. Good thing he’s already scheduled to “wallow in self pity” at 4 o’clock!

Even the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles had an incredibly difficult process to put on their suits. It would take 30 minutes every time they wanted to take a break just to get it back in place. 

Take a look at Screenrant’s compilation of 10 costumes that were brutal for actors to wear. We may love when actors fully transform into crazy monsters or superheroes, but I bet the actors are less than enthused. 

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