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2O21: A Deepfake SpaceX Odyssey

2021 SpaceX Odyssey Deepfake
2021 SpaceX Odyssey Deepfake

Elon Musk controversially hosted “Saturday Night Live” this past weekend, drawing huge ratings as audiences tuned in to see if the show turned into a complete debacle. Musk is not an entertainer of any sort and is rather devoid of any comedic talent. Yet the billionaire performed rather admirably, if just a bit awkwardly, and the show never went off the rails.

Meanwhile, deepfake videos are a horrifying new technology in which people’s faces are realistically laid atop other footage to make it appear as though they are doing and/or saying what was contained in the original clip.

In the very near future, deepfake videos will no doubt be weaponized against politicians, celebrities, and others in the public sphere to a degree that we likely cannot even comprehend at the moment.

But until that time comes, let’s enjoy the innocent fun of the technology, and there’s no surprise we’ve chosen this “2001: A Space Odyssey” and Elon Musk mashup created by Ctrl Shift Face for our first feature. Creepy? Yes. Fascinating? Yes!