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5 Awesome Interactive Gifts for Movie Lovers

Gift Ideas for Movie Lovers

Whether you’re a friend of the casual moviegoer, or just have an absolute cinephile in your life, these whimsical gifts are perfect for any fanatic.

Black Friday is just around the corner, and while some of us will be trying to pay off our overly expensive costumes, you may be thinking of gift ideas for your closest friends and family. Or wondering what will be served for Thanksgiving dinner.

For more holiday or gift ideas, be sure to check out our Ultimate Guide of the 44 Best Gifts For Movie Lovers.

First on our list is the “Cocktails of the Movies” book. Hollywood’s had a long history of alcoholism, but damn does it look glamorous. Now you can look equally as glamorous recreating famous cocktails like Marilyn Monroe’s Manhattan from “Some Like It Hot.” Each drink comes with brief instructions on how to recreate it, a history of the drink, as well as a synopsis of its famous scene.

Next, we have the Embossed Retro Theater Sign. This piece of décor is made of tin and is perfect for the nostalgic moviegoer. Capture the look of an old-fashioned theater with this tin sign that hangs from the ceiling. It fits discreetly in the corner of any room, perfect for an at-home theater!

If you know that loves to watch movies, but never had a chance to make one, this next gift might give them the push they need. ‘Let’s Make a Movie’ offers tips and tricks to amateur film enthusiasts that will help establish general production knowledge. This guidebook makes it so film enthusiasts of all ages can grab the nearest camera and start bringing their vision to life.

For the more aesthetically sound movie lover, we suggest the Movie Reel Accent Table. This small metal table features a movie reel with a glass tabletop surface and a tripod base. This gift makes for a great statement piece and is functional!

Finally, for the indecisive movie lover, we suggest the Streaming Decider Dice. This unique gift can help overcome one of the hardest problems with binging: what to watch. The set of dice has over 200 potential combos so you’ll never have to spend more than five minutes scrolling through channels or streaming ever again. A great gift for those watching alone or with friends!

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