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A Dream Job Come True: Get Paid to Watch Horror Movies

Carrie Stephen King
United Artists

If you and some friends are looking for way to spend the next 10 days, Dish Network has the perfect solution. The task is not for the faint of heart. Literally. The network promises to supply viewers with a heart-rate monitor as they watch.

Just in time for Halloween, Dish is testing to see whether the scares from high budget horror movies are more intense than those of low-budget films. While it makes sense that larger productions have more resources to create intense, thrilling sequences. But many fans of horror know, some of the best scares don’t come from CGI and special effects. Truly great “scares” come from compelling stories and great acting, earning them the name ‘classic’.

Examples include: “Paranormal Activity,” “The Blair Witch Project,” and “Halloween.” However, for this particular challenge, viewers are tasked with watching 13 Stephen King movies.

My only drawback with this watch party is that because these films are classics, many of us have already watched, analyzed, and enjoy them. The results of the experiment would have to have some inaccuracy as a majority of viewers won’t be experiencing these thrills for the first time.

But if you’re anything like me, you’d sit down with a friend who isn’t as well-versed. Trust me, you’ll have a blast watching them nearly piss themselves during this marathon.

And I know there’s a ton of people who haven’t been able to watch even half of the films on the list, so the challenge does offer an opportunity to expose horror to a younger audience.

Even if you aren’t the lucky winner of the contest, it does present a nice challenge for you and your friends to complete at home for Halloween, seeing as we aren’t getting “The Batman” until May 2022. With over 500,000 applications for the contest last year, be sure to get your application in fast!

The deadline to apply to the contest is September 26, 2021. A winner will be selected by October 1.

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