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A New Predator Film Was Being Made and Almost No One Noticed

Predator Film
20th Century Studios

It seems the bigwigs at Disney aren’t done with the species of interstellar hunters. After the lackluster “Predator” reboot in 2018, it would seem the new studio is trying to once again revive the franchise with a new outing from “10 Cloverfield Lane” director Dan Trachtenberg. The project remained mostly a secret until just recently.

Cinematographer Jeff Cutter took to Instagram to announce that the new film had wrapped production and gave us an overview of the cast. Amber Midthunder plays the lead role with Dane DiLiegro and Dakota Beavers confirmed as co-stars.  

The film synopsis reads, “Kee, a Comanche woman who goes against gender norms and traditions to become a warrior. Many years ago – in a time before any Europeans had ever encroached on their lands – the Comanche people had a well defined society and gender norms. Kee is very close to her younger brother, Taabe, who is being groomed as a leader. As capable as any young man in the tribe, Kee has always been a teacher and source of inspiration for Taabe. In the Comanche way – she is Patsi – the elder sister that has helped to shape him. Kee is a truth teller and has insight that others do not. A tomboy, she wants to prove herself in the masculine world of the Comanche. When danger threatens them all – Kee sets out to prove that she is as capable as any young warrior.”

The film has been described as the Predator’s origin story and their first journey to the planet Earth. There is no known release date for the film at this time, but rumor has it, the movie may be released through Hulu instead of theaters. Either way, fans should be happy to hear that the “Predator” franchise is still alive after all. 

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