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Aaron Paul on ‘The Price is Right’ a Decade Before Fame

Aaron Paul Price is Right
Aaron Paul Price is Right

Aaron Paul is quickly becoming one of Hollywood’s most in-demand actors. But before fame—10 years before the show that gained him international recognition—Paul was a contestant on the long running game show, “The Price is Right.”

Paul is most known for his TV work. He was a lead in the popular Netflix show “Bojack Horseman,” recently starred in season 3 of “Westworld,” and of course, won 3 Emmys for his breathtaking performance in one of the greatest dramas written, “Breaking Bad.”

But he has also broken into the world of film. Recently, he was in the drama “Adam,” is poised to star in the upcoming film “Dual” with Karen Gillan, and headlined the “Breaking Bad” spinoff movie “El Camino.”

However, despite playing mostly tragic characters, his greatest tragedy was in 1998 when he met Bob Barker. Despite making it all the way to showcase showdown, he lost the big price by overbidding a mere $132. Even Heisenberg was never this cruel. See some of that shows highs and lows below.

One may think that if he had won the showcase, he may not have started manufacturing and selling crystal meth. I like to think this clip is the real pilot to “Breaking Bad.”

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