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Action-Packed Trailer for John Boyega’s ‘Naked Singularity’ Breaks Genre

What is this movie? No seriously, can anyone tell me?

“Naked Singularity” is an independent film based on a novel by Sergio De La Pava that shares its name. It premiered at the San Francisco International Film Festival back in April. The film stars John Boyega, of Star Wars fame, and Olivia Cooke, who attentive readers will know I’m a fan of in the movie “Thoroughbreds” even though her “Ready Player One” performance is lacking. “Naked Singularity” is written by Chase Palmer, who has brought in Bill Skarsgård from their time working together on “It” in 2017. Although Variety ranked him as one of their “10 Directors to Watch,” this is Palmer’s first feature in the director’s chair.

The film seems to mesh the idea of a legal drama with the stakes of a heist film. The trailer has a bonkers tone that confuses me to no end. The basic premise is that Boyega’s morally strong lawyer joins a heist for $50 million with Cooke’s unconventional femme fatale. But unfortunately for them, that money stinks, and every mobster in the city can smell it. The film’s crazy visuals further confuse viewers about what exactly is going on here. Katanas and guns and courtroom scenes don’t mix well in my head. Even after that explanation, I’m still not completely sure what this movie is.

“Naked Singularity” comes to theaters August 6th, so we won’t have to wait too long to figure it out.

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