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Amanda Seyfried Reminisces About Nostalgic ‘Mean Girls’ Pics

Mean Girls Cast Photo Amanda Seyfried

“Mean Girls” has become a true teen classic in recent years. I personally don’t know a single friend in my generation who hasn’t seen it. Additionally, I have a painting behind me as I write this that says “On Wednesdays, we wear pink.” It is a truly iconic movie. One of the secrets to the film’s success was its amazing cast, composed of many careers that were just starting to blossom.

Amanda Seyfried is one of these careers. Her iconic performance as the ditsy Karen led to bigger roles. Now with “Mamma Mia,” “Les Miserables,” and “Mank” in her rearview, Seyfried is looking back at one of the roles that made her. In an Instagram post, the actress showed a physical photograph with a many of her “Mean Girls” costars apparently hanging out.

While Seyfried’s career has mostly been pretty apparent, the rest of the cast has been less in the limelight. Where are all these stars now? Since playing the main role of Cady, Lindsay Lohan hasn’t been doing much in the world of film. However, her television career has really taken off. She is also playing a detective in the upcoming horror movie “Cursed” with Mickey Rourke.

On the far right we have Jonathan Bennett, who played the love interest Aaron. I’m not going to lie; I really thought that was a pre-“Superman Returns” Brandon Routh until now, but it turns out he “doesn’t even go here”! Bennett has mostly stayed off the big screen, content with hosting the “Cake War” baking show.

Directly in the center, we have Lacey Chabert, who played Gretchen. Her hair is as full of secrets as her filmography is of Hallmark movies. She also overcame her lisp to become a great voice actor! You can hear her as Zatanna in the popular DC series “Young Justice.” Personally, I would love for her to play the character in live-action, although she seems very content starring in a handful of TV Christmas flicks. My mother is a fan of hers; Hallmark movies provide some comfort during the stresses of the holidays, and Chabert plays them with genuine pride.

The slick-looking man in the back is Daniel Franzese, who portrayed the fabulous Damian. Next to him you’ll see Lizzy Caplan, the actress behind Janis. While his career is mostly spent hopping between single-episode roles on television shows, Caplan’s is a different story. After “Mean Girls,” the actress stuck around Hollywood in supporting roles. Most recently, she landed the new female lead in “Now You See Me 2,” taking over for Isla Fisher. She’s also fabulous in the Matt Reeves directed “Cloverfield” movie.

A notable exception from Seyfried’s picture is the Queen Bee herself, Regina George. Rachel McAdams is doing well, with her movie stardom increasing with every project. From the oddly bland “Doctor Strange” to the weirdly good “Game Night,” McAdams has been making herself an indispensable movie star ever since “Mean Girls.” Her upcoming projects include a Judy Blume adaptation that seems right up her alley.

So there you have it! Maybe the entire “Mean Girls” cast hasn’t gone on to the career they deserve, but it is nice to look back on their early days of potential for just a moment. Plus, they are all looking so Fetch!

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