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An Edict Regarding Spelling and Grammatical Errors on Metaflix Dot Com


Metaflix Edict on Spelling and Grammar
Metaflix Edict on Spelling and Grammar

Metaflix has thousands of passionate, supportive fans who visit the site on a daily basis. But do you know some of the more frequent comments or criticisms that contributors to this site receive, particularly from people who aren’t daily readers but instead those who randomly stumble across an article from the archive? Duuurrr huuurrr you misspelled a word. Or better yet, duuurrr huuurrr you used improper grammar.

To each and every one of you: find something more productive to do with your time. Stop being a Whiny Willy or Negative Nancy, criticizing people on the internet. Or better yet, go ahead and hammer out 5,000 words on a daily basis, under deadline and across a plethora of topics, then allow US the opportunity to criticize YOUR content. Deal?

The problem is a lot of people have absolutely no perspective on what it takes to write articles and create content for a blog such as this. I liken it to a steak at the supermarket. Most people simply see a neatly trimmed cut of beef sitting in its package ready to be bought, cooked, and eaten. But everything that has to be done to get it to that point is completely overlooked. A calf has to be birthed, raised, fed, and fostered. As a fully grown cow, it then has to be slaughtered, butchered, and delivered to the market.

News articles, discussion posts, and all other pieces of content on this site go through a similar sort of progression before ever hitting the front page. Indeed, sometimes a bit of gristle or extraneous fat happens to make its way through to the finished product. Not ideal. Not worth mentioning, either.

So beginning today and continuing forever, any criticism regarding spelling or grammatical mistakes will be met and responded to with derision. Or, if the creator of the content in question wishes to save time and energy, this video clip may be used as an equally valid, shorthand retort.

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