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ArcLight Cinemas Isn’t Reopening Anytime Soon, Despite Reports

Cinerama Dome

Recently, The Hollywood Reporter was happy to announce the re-opening of the beloved ArcLight Cinemas in 2022. However, further reports say it won’t be any time soon.

The Dome’s owners were said to be renewing their liquor license, but have yet to confirm a planned re-opening date. This might come as a disappointment to those with fond memories at the theater, but what’s to come is sure to make it worth the wait.

The ArcLight is in the planning stages of serious remodeling, which may hurt those fond of the nostalgic atmosphere. But if you’ve been in any luxury recliner seats, you’ll be glad to say goodbye to the vertical, shoulder-to-shoulder seating.

Fans clung to a sliver of hope the ArcLight may be reopening when a social media account called Save the ArcLight Cinema Group posted about their application to sell liquor.

Seeing as renovations have yet to begin, it’ll definitely be a while before the Dome and Cinema are back in operation. When news came this past April that the ArcLight would be closing it’s doors, it seemed like a final good-bye. Sad cinephiles flocked to lesser theaters, hoping maybe someday she’d return.

This news is hopeful for the legendary theater’s return, though it may not be as soon as we predicted.

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