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‘Army of Thieves’ Safe Cracking Teaser Remains Zombieless

Although my personal favorite character in Zack Snyder‘s “Army of the Dead” was Tig Notaro’s Peters, nobody can deny that Dieter was a breakout star. Now, the actor behind our favorite zombie-heist-safe-cracking character is directing his own Netflix movie in the same universe! Matthias Schweighöfer is returning to direct and star in “Army of Thieves.”

This movie is a prequel to the original Vegas storyline, and doesn’t seem to feature many zombies. The film is about a group of criminals who come together to rob a series of safes across Europe. Dieter is the greatest safecracker in the world, so he’s an obvious choice for the crew. But they better not give him a gun; “Army of the Dead” establishes that he has never used a gun before.

Other than that, “Army of Thieves” mostly remains a mystery. Additionally, connections with the first movie remain limited mostly to Dieter. The odd choice to have a zombie movie without any zombies has stumped many fans. Even Netflix itself seems to be asking questions about what the movie actually is.

None of the film’s many new posters seem to give any insight either. Mostly we’re just seeing an emphasis on the safe-ness of it all. However, I am happy the film is going this way. If every franchise really has to go into giant interconnected universe territory, at least they can be original.

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There still is no premiere date for the movie, although the amount of recent promotional material has people speculating a fall or winter Netflix release.