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Batfleck v Battinson: Battle For The Better Nickname

Batman Batfleck Battinson
Batman Batfleck Battinson

In recent history, any actor who has taken on the role of the Caped Crusader has gotten a nickname. Not just any nickname mind you, but one with a bat pun shoved into the middle of it.

Puns, are they the lowest form of comedy? Well uhhhh… kinda. In all honesty, it can really vary. Some puns can have a certain charisma to them. They can turn a nickname into a symbol. The pun-infused nickname can represent the actor’s unique take on the role and how they really made it their own. Or, they can just sound nice. Really, this debate has way more facets to consider than one might think for a battle between hokey pet names for Batman actors.

So, let’s begin. We have the lame duck Batfleck versus the newcomer Robert Battinson. Who has the better, more charismatic nickname? Well, there is only one way to determine which is better. How much worse are the alternatives?


Let’s start with Ben Affleck’s “Batfleck.” It’s pretty good, I won’t lie. It sounds nice and really rolls off the tongue. Bat Affleck is just kinda meh. Yeah, Bat and Ben both start with Bs and have three letters, but the rhythm of the nickname is lost with this one.

Ben Affbat is fun to say out loud, but will start to sound like some random guy’s name after awhile. Really, the best part about Batfleck is that it can be a term of endearment or one of ridicule. Reception to Ben Affleck’s casting as Batman was lukewarm upon its announcement. The nickname took on duality back then, which is something to be considered. Nicknames are better when they can go both ways. 


Next we have Robert Pattinson’s “Robert Battinson.” It’s a bit of a mouthful, but when you consider the alternatives, it sounds a lot better. Batbert Battinson would be the fullest version of the nickname, but sounds a touch too silly for a version of the character that looks to be a lot rougher around the edges. Robert Pattinbat sounds kind of fun, but is obviously a weaker version of Battinson. No matter what, these nicknames sound affectionate and so I cannot see anyone using it as an insult and not sounding like a clown.


So, the final decision for me is that the nickname Batfleck is better than Battinson. It is a superior pun and has more dynamic usages. I can see the arguments for Battinson, but I feel the case is stronger for Batfleck. I’m sure this nickname debate will tear the Batman community apart, so we at Metaflix have a poll for you all to vote in and settle this fight democratically.

The polls are open, so head over to our Twitter page or use the embedded link above to cast a vote of your own!

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