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Betcha Can’t Guess How Many A-Listers Starred in ‘Tales from the Crypt’

Horror isn’t my thing. Never has been, never will be. Frankly, I don’t understand why people would want to spend their evening feeling afraid or being unnerved, with the very real prospect of going to bed and having awful nightmares later that night. Others disagree, however, such as Metaflix’s very own horror writer-in-residence Maria Vu, who apparently can’t get enough of the genre. Different folks, different strokes, as they say.

But when I came across this incredible list of Hollywood actors who had guest starred on the 1989 television series “Tales from the Crypt,” the story was just too juicy to pass up.

If you were to guess how many A-listers had appeared on the anthology horror show spanning some 93 episodes, what would you say? Perhaps five big-name talents had agreed to play along? Maybe even ten? Nope!

Nearly HALF the shows featured a bona fide star, with some 45 top-tier names showcased throughout the billing. Among them are … deep breath:

Brad Pitt, Tom Hanks, Daniel Craig, Arnold Schwarznegger, Kirk Douglas, Demi Moore, Benicio Del Toro, Joe Pesci, Ewan McGregor, Martin Sheen, Steve Buscemi, Christopher Reeve, Whoopi Goldberg, Patricia Arquette, Malcom McDowell, Timothy Dalton, Dan Aykroyd, Ernie Hudson, Bill Paxton, Kyle MacLachlan, Michale J. Fox, Tim Curry, John Rhys-Davies, Adam West, and Steve Buscemi.

To see all the names you can click HERE for the full list of famous appearances.

Has any other show ever had such star power? I’ve heard that back in the day “The Twilight Zone” was a magnet for big names to appear as guests as a sort of thespian rite of passage, but that’s well before my time. The only other show that comes to mind is “Sesame Street,” for the same reason. It’s one of the more wholesome things an actor can have on their resume and at this point it’s sort of like joining a notable club.

In any case, I won’t be watching any of the reruns because I like being able to sleep at night. But I WILL be watching the above video featuring the best celebrity cameos on “Tales from the Crypt.” Check it out!

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