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Bill Murray Can’t Stop Smiling on Set of ‘Meatballs’

Are you ready for the summer?

Meatballs Set Photo
Meatballs Set Photo

I recently checked out “Meatballs,” the 1979 film that launched Bill Murray‘s career. It’s always a fun experience to watch a legendary actor’s first starring role and see where it all began. It’s even more fun when the cast had as good of a time on set as you did watching it.

“Meatballs” is a quintessential “fun in the sun” movie. The story follows Bill Murray’s Tripper, a summer camp counselor on Lake Ontario. The film is lighthearted and full of hijinks. While “Meatballs” didn’t have the lasting impact as other comedies of its era, such as “Animal House,” it still had plenty of iconic moments.

The reoccurring gag of moving the camp director to strange places while he sleeps has been a much referenced moment. Additionally, Bill Murray’s “it just doesn’t matter” speech will go down as one of his best monologues.

The photo above features Murray standing on set alongside the cast of counselors and CITs (counselors in training). With the gorgeous Lake Ontario behind them, everyone appears to be having the time of their lives. The children’s choir asks on he film’s theme song “Are you ready for the summer?” Yes, yes we are.

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