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‘Casablanca’ Gets a Swanky Modern Trailer

I know lots of people who refuse to watch black and white movies. It’s a frustratingly ageist stance to take, but it’s not all that shocking of one. Films, like all entertainment mediums, have evolved over its existence. They’ve changed both technologically and thematically and going back to reexperience the cutting edge cinema of even a couple decades ago, can really show that evolution first hand. So, when we go all the back to the 1940s, you can be sure to notice how outdated things are. That said, “Casablanca” is a timeless classic that must be seen by any and all movie lovers. 

The film has aged like fine wine and I feel as cool and debonair as Rick Blaine when I watch it. Unfortunately, most people my age would see the black and white and take a pass on this cinematic masterpiece. Fortunately, some sly foxes over at HBO Max have decided to advertise the film on their streaming service by giving it to a new and improved trailer. 

If we wanna talk about something that has aged terribly, it’s movie marketing. Trailers from even the early 2000s feel out of sync with what a trailer should be. It seems people didn’t learn the whole, “show, don’t tell” thing in trailer making until rather recently. So, you can imagine how out of date any advertising or trailer material from the golden age of cinema is. “Casablanca’s” reputation alone should be enough, but these days you have to break through to the jaded and spoiled movie goers. 

If they need to have intense, dramatic music and clean trailer edits to entice them, then so be it. I for one look for any excuse to watch this gem from the bygone age of cinema. It’s an oldie, but it sure is a goodie.  

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