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Catch the Trailer for Michael Bay’s Pandemic Thriller ‘Songbird’



Catch the Trailer for Michael Bay’s Pandemic Thriller ‘Songbird’

Pandemic thrillers – get ’em while they’re hot!

In a time where things seemingly move faster than ever, it shouldn’t be much of a surprise that we already have a trailer for the first coronavirus pandemic film. Produced by “Transformers” king Michael Bay and directed by Adam Mason (best known for the TV series “Into the Dark” and a bunch of Alice in Chains content), the horror-thriller imagines a near-future where the virus never goes away.

The trailer is quick to point out the production staff’s connections to other horror-thrillers like “The Purge” and “A Quiet Place,” and those connections are definitely on display in “Songbird.” Los Angeles is under lockdown, with dystopian camps for infected individuals and markers for “the immune.”

One thing to note is that the film’s cast is absolutely stacked. Sofia Carson, KJ Apa, Craig Robinson, Bradley Whitford, Alexandria Daddario, Peter Stormare, Paul Walter Hauser, Demi Moore, and your next door neighbor all star in the movie. The movie seems to focus on the “Department of Sanitation’s” efforts to round up those infected with the virus, and on uninfected Angelinos like Carson’s Sara trying to stay safe and out of trouble.

“Songbird” was one of the first American projects to film since the lockdown began, shooting entirely over this summer. While the production reported keeping in contact with local production guilds and following strict safety guidelines, a report came out last month that COVID safety guidelines were rarely followed over the course of the fast-pace production, and that the film’s safety compliance officer was often absent from set.

Finally, the film’s release is a major question mark. So far, the only major theatrical release since this March was Christopher Nolan’s “Tenet,” which was met with middling reviews and disappointing box office results. “Songbird’s” trailer ends with a simple “Coming Soon.” It’ll be interesting to see where, and when, this bird eventually lands.

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