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Check Out This $20 ‘Tenet’ Remake

You probably didn’t see “Tenet” when it hit theatres last summer. It was supposed to be the grand reopening of theatres, the resurgence of event movies. We all know how that turned out. Over six months later, we are still not going to theatres (at least in many counties), and big movie studios are more cautious about releasing. “Tenet” has even been blamed for causing Warner Bros. to release their entire 2021 movie catalog on streaming. 

But it’s possible you caught it when it came out on digital in December. I would wager it was probably a lot better on digital, since you could actually adjust the sound levels and hear the dialogue

Whether you missed it, or whether you watched it and didn’t know what the hell was going on for two hours, here’s a discount version instead. Produced by Cracked on a budget of just a little more than the ticket to “Tenet,” this doesn’t boast the same star power as Christopher Nolan’s piece. It does, arguably, make just as much sense! 

This version also answered one of the most important question viewers had. If everything becomes inverted, what happens to… well… bodily functions? That question clearly struck a chord with the Cracked team. 

Check out the new version of “Tenet,” one which Nolan would probably write a pointed article about. Decide for yourself whether you prefer the $200 million version of the film, or this $20 one. 

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