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Check Out This Retro Photo of Underrated ‘Summer School’ Cast

At Ocean Front High, what do they call a guy who cuts classes, hates homework, and lives for summer vacations? Teacher.

Summer School Behind the Scenes
Summer School Behind the Scenes

Legendary teen comedies filled the 1980s. From “Fast Times at Ridgemont High” to literally any John Hughes movie, there’s a lot to pick from. However, if you’ve already seen all the classics make sure to check out the underrated “Summer School.”

Directed by Carl Reiner in 1987, “Summer School” tells the story of a high school gym teacher, Mr. Shoop, who wants to skip class and tan on the beach as much as his students. However, he’s forced to teach summer school english to a group of unmotivated students or lose tenure. Shoop must learn how to become a good mentor as well as learn something about himself along the way.

“Summer School” is low on stakes but big on heart. Mark Harmon’s Mr. Shoop is incredibly easygoing and likable, making him the teacher you always wish you had. The ensemble of summer school students have dreams and aspirations that reach beyond high school. Much of the film’s second act is Shoop helping the students reach their goals and in exchange they will study.

The photo above features Harmon sporting a visor while the cast of students surround him. Everyone is having a good ole time on the California beach, where much of the film’s most fun scenes take place.

Adam Sandler‘s Happy Madison Productions has been trying to remake the film since 2012. Until then, relish in the lighthearted fun that is “Summer School.”

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