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Check Out This Wild ‘Spider-Man 2’ BTS Video

Superhero movies are hard work to make. They’re technically complex and the thought that goes into framing the spectacles within them is no easy feat. Now imagine you’re an actor in one. You got to memorize your lines, remember your precise movements, and master your choreography. 

Alfred Molina had to do all that and then some. While the English actor was playing the iconic Spider-Man villain Doc Ock, he was performing on Broadway as Tevye in “Fiddler On The Roof.” I did theater in high school, and I could barely manage that. And that was just high school theater. This guy was at the apex of live theater and making a Spider-Man movie on top of it. Talk about a really stressful 9 to 5. 

Anyone who has done theater knows that you have to keep practicing. (Especially musicals!) So, Alfred Molina must have counted himself lucky to have such a supportive crew during the “Spider-Man 2” production. They allowed time for the actor to practice his lines and songs while shooting. 

When setting up for a take, the puppeteers who helped operate the mechanical robot arms provided Molina the proper back-up for his rehearsing. If that sounds a little wild, then check out the video above.   

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