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Chris Pratt Lands Yet Another Iconic Animated Role

Chris Pratt

After hearing the news that Chris Pratt would become the voice of Mario, fans were skeptical about his performance. Now it seems the MCU actor has scored another iconic animated role as Garfield.

Yes, that’s right. Pratt will voice the disdain for Mondays and strange love of lasagna. As if there wasn’t enough strange casting in the upcoming “Super Mario Bros.” movie by Universal Pictures. None weirder than Seth Rogen as Donkey Kong. Now, we will have the loveable Star-Lord wreaking havoc in feline form.

The film will be produced by Alcon Entertainment and distributed by Sony Pictures. While we are still unsure of the plot, we can be sure Pratt’s performance will be lively and hopefully justify this film’s existence.

This isn’t the first time the beloved comic has been brought to the big screen, but let’s hope this time it’ll be good. At the head of this film are screenwriter David Reynolds (“Finding Nemo”) and director Mark Dindal (“Chicken Little”), both having worked on “The Emperor’s New Groove.”

If those titles don’t get you at least a little excited, I don’t think this is the movie for you. And it’ll be interesting to see how Chris Pratt follows in Bill Murray‘s footsteps as the voice of Garfield. Murray previously voiced the cat in 2004-2006 live action “Garfield” movies.

The actor is definitely keeping busy, especially in the world of animation. Unfortunately, a release date for the newest Garfield feature is unknown, but we have plenty of Chris Pratt coming up soon enough.

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