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Chris Pratt Saves Mankind in ‘The Tomorrow War’ Trailer

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Chris Pratt Saves Mankind in ‘The Tomorrow War’ Trailer

The first teaser trailer for Chris Pratt’s upcoming Sci-Fi time traveling film, “The Tomorrow War” just dropped. Check it out above.

The film follows school teacher and family man Dan Forester (Pratt) who is recruited by time travelers to fight in a war against aliens 30 years in the future. In order to save the world his daughter will grow up in Dan decides to fight. He then teams up with his estranged father (J.K. Simmons) and a brilliant scientist (Yvonne Strahovski) to save the planet.

“The Tomorrow War” will debut on Amazon Prime on July 2. Amazon has been very active in acquiring major studio films since the pandemic started. Earlier this year Paramount sold “Coming 2 America” to the streaming service for $125 million. On April 30 they will release “Without Remorse” starring Michael B. Jordan which was also purchased from Paramount. However, “The Tomorrow War” has been Amazon’s biggest acquisition from Paramount. The streaming service paid a whopping $200 million for the rights to the film.

The film’s trailer is very much a teaser. With a runtime of only 25 seconds, Amazon is still leaving much to the imagination. Through voiceover we hear “our enemy is not human” followed by a loud screech. However, the aliens are not shown throughout the entire teaser. With a full length trailer on its way in the upcoming weeks, it will be interesting to see if Amazon shows the aliens or makes audiences wait until the film is released.

The rest of the trailer is filled with blockbuster staples: a ton of shots of Pratt looking tough and heroic, and a loud epic score. The film will exclusively hit Amazon Prime on July 2.

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