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Chris Pratt’s ‘The Tomorrow War’ Will Stream on Amazon Prime This July


Paramount Pictures has sold another film to Amazon Studios. According to Deadline, Chris Pratt’s sci-fi action flick “The Tomorrow War” will debut on the streaming giant on July 2.

Earlier this year Paramount also sold Eddie Murphy’s “Coming 2 America” to Amazon Prime for $125 million. Now Amazon has invested $200 million to acquire Pratt’s “The Tomorrow War.”

In a plot that feels familiar, time travelers from 30 years in the future recruit a school teacher and family man (Pratt) to help fight a war against aliens. In order to save the world that his daughter will grow up in, Dan Forester (Pratt) teams up with a group of unlikely heroes (Yvonne Strahovski and J.K. Simmons).

“The Tomorrow War” is directed by Chris McKay in his live action debut. McKay previously directed “The Lego Batman Movie” to much commercial and critical acclaim. With “Tomorrow War,” McKay will attempt to join the ranks of Brad Bird in a short list of animation directors to successfully transition to live action hits.

Meanwhile, this news comes at a busy time for Chris Pratt. Pratt has recently been filming “Thor: Love and Thunder” and will begin shooting “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3” later this year.

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