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Clint Eastwood’s Upcoming Film ‘Cry Macho’ Deserves the Eastwood Yuck Face

Clint Eastwood Cry Macho
Warner Bros. Pictures

Clint Eastwood (Eastwood yuck face) has a new film coming out titled “Cry Macho” (Eastwood yuck face) in which the tagline is “A story of being lost … and found” (Eastwood yuck face) and the plot basically revolves around an old man complaining about the modern world (Eastwood yuck face).

That’s a whole lot of Eastwood yuck faces!

Admittedly, I’m no longer an Eastwood fan, which accounts for this post. It probably began around the time he stood on stage at the 2012 RNC and incoherently chastised an empty chair. Since then, his movies have largely followed suit, with the “Get off my lawn” trope seemingly the only thing Eastwood feels comfortable portraying.

“Cry Macho” won’t change that. Seriously. Watch the trailer below if you don’t believe me. Once again, it’s “washed up grizzled old man ultimately finds hope and redemption through forced interaction with ‘the other,'” which represents the basic plotline to most of his filmography over the past 20 years.

As for the title, well … at the very least we know Eastwood didn’t come up with it. The film is an adaptation of a 1975 novel of the same name by N. Richard Nash. The combination of “cry,” “macho” and Eastwood is personally cringe-inducing, but others may very well disagree. I’m sure there are plenty of Boomers out there who can’t wait to sit in the theater silently condemning Millennials, which these days seems to be their favorite pastime.

“Cry Macho” is set to premiere in theaters Sept. 17.

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