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Corrections Policy

Adding Corrections

Metaflix Media strives for the accuracy of facts, information, and statements at all times. We also strive for transparency, proper sourcing, and best journalistic practices. If a mistake is made and an error is included in an article, it is our policy to correct the error as quickly and accurately as possible. For any corrections, a bolded correction line is added to the article.

Our corrections policy is to ensure that all editors, authors, and contributors remain accountable for the content presented on the site. It is our mission to serve as responsible journalists aiming for the highest standards of accuracy, accountability, and authority.

Updating Story Threads

In addition to making corrections, we believe it is important to update content wherever and whenever new information becomes available. Therefore, when a news post or article adds to or modifies previously reported information, all previous articles on that subject are updated with links to the new post, providing a historical record of news and information as it develops.

For corrections or update requests, please contact us.