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Cosplay of the Day: KuroKaze as Rufio from ‘Hook’

Rufio Cosplay Hook Movie
Instagram: @breadfish

Introducing prolific cosplayer KuroKaze Cosplay (@breadfish) as Rufio from the 1991 classic adventure film “Hook.”

When searching through movie cosplay posts on Instagram there are plenty of occasions in which my reaction is “Oh that’s nice” or “Heh, that’s pretty funny.” Then there are times when I come across a post that stops me dead in my tracks, eliciting an audible reaction of “Oh hell yes, that’s AWESOME!” This is one of those times.

Rufio is the fearless leader of the Lost Boys, played by Dante Basco. He is an original character in “Hook,” known for his spiked red-striped hair, his sharp tongue, and his skill with the Pan sword.

It’s been more than a decade since I last watched “Hook.” But with a young niece and nephew who I’m sure haven’t had the pleasure of seeing this film for the first time yet, I know what we’ll be doing upon our next visit.

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