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Cosplay of the Day: Martina as Morticia from ‘The Addams Family’

Morticia Addams Cosplay
Instagram: cos.wonder

Introducing makeup extraordinaire and prolific cosplayer Martina (@cos.wonder) as Morticia Addams from the spooky 1991 classic “The Addams Family.”

Anjelica Huston famously portrayed Morticia in the film to great acclaim, perfectly embodying the sultry-yet-stern matriarch of the Addams clan. You’ll recall Huston’s character was always illuminated by an alluring, ghostly glow around the eyes. And who could forget her seductive repartee with Gomez, her husband, played by the late great Raul Julia. Simply delightful!

I’m sure it’s been said before that Martina is a dead ringer for Morticia, but I have no qualms reiterating that fact once again. What a cosplay! Better yet, Martina nails quite a few movie characters, each better than the next, so be sure to click on her full profile for more.

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