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Cosplay of the Day: YellyyBelly as Nina from ‘Black Swan’

Introducing content creator and creative cosplayer Yelle (@yellyybelly) as Nina Sayers and The Swan Queen from Darren Aronofsky’s 2010 masterpiece “Black Swan.”

Black Swan” represents a career-defining performance for star Natalie Portman. Given her extensive filmography–and the countless memorable roles she’s embodied therein–to say that this performance perhaps stands out above all the rest is really saying something quite extraordinary.

I happened upon “Black Swan” not too long ago and gave it a re-watch. Since its original run in theaters a decade ago, I had largely forgotten how unapologetically dark and unrelenting the film can be. Overall, I was blown away at just how forceful of a piece of filmmaking it is, one of the best of that era.

So to Yelle, I say thank you for doing your part to keep this wonderful movie in the public consciousness. The cosplay is among the finest I’ve seen in recent memory and it was a thrill to stumble across it.

For everyone else, be sure to click through all the different looks and check out Yelle’s full profile for more.

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