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Crowdfunding Heroes Raise Over $200,000 to Save Studio Ghibli Museum

Studio Ghibli Museum
Studio Ghibli Museum

Studio Ghibli is a revered animation movie house the world over. But it’s showcase venue, the Studio Ghibli museum, is in desperate need of funding due to the pandemic. Fortunately, after a successful crowdfunding campaign raising over 22,500,000 yen ($200,000), the museum will be saved and the money will facilitate necessary repairs and maintenance.

The quaint city of Mitaka in the western portion of the Tokyo Metropolis launched a crowdfunding drive in Japan on Friday, set to run for 201 days. In less than 24 hours, the 10 million yen (roughly $90,000) goal was achieved.

Due to local tax considerations and provisions, the donations can only be from residents of Japan. Considering the universal love of Ghibli films, a worldwide campaign may have raised millions.

The Studio Ghibli museum had previously been awarded a grant from the city of Mikata earlier this spring to help defer facility expenses. However it wasn’t enough, and the crowdfunding campaign became necessary to help ensure the venue stayed in good working order.

The Ghibli Museum opened in 2001 and is home to dozens of iconic displays and exhibits featuring imagery and characters from the studio’s films. Tickets are pre-sold and only a limited number of visitors are allowed throughout the day to help ensure a positive, intimate experience experience.

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