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Deadpool And Korg React To The ‘Free Guy’ Trailer In Hilarious New Video

Deadpool And Korg Free Guy Trailer
20th Century Studios

Trailer reactions are everywhere on YouTube, Twitch and in other spots online. But one featuring what could be counted as the first (sort of) official MCU collaboration for Deadpool? Now that’s worth watching. Watch as Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool and Taika Waititi’s rocky warrior Korg from “Thor: Ragnarok” and “Avengers: Endgame” team up to tackle the “Free Guy” trailer.

The video shows both Deadpool and Korg taking jabs at “Free Guy” and the MCU as a whole. Deadpool, however, makes it abundantly clear he’s at least interested in getting the call from Marvel to star in their next feature.

As for the trailer itself, it features Reynold’s mundane character, Guy, realizing that he’s a background, non-player character living in a video game world that Taika Waititi’s villainous Antoine soon plans to destroy. With The Who’s classic “Baba O’Riley” booming in the background, the trailer shows Guy set out to stop Antoine and save his digital world.

“If you include Deadpool’s cocaine rider, this is the most expensive reaction video ever made,” Reynolds said in the Tweet in which he attached the trailer reaction video.

Ryan Reynolds via Twitter

Watch the video here, and be sure to catch “Free Guy,” as it releases exclusively on theatres on August 13.

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