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‘Dear David’: The First Movie Adapted From A Viral Twitter Horror Story


It was reported not too long ago that an upcoming horror film called “Dear David” had found its director. John McPhail, who had previously directed “Anna and The Apocalypse,” had signed on to direct the small horror flick. The film is a joint venture by BuzzFeed and Lionsgate and has the most curious of origin stories. 

The film will be an adaptation, but not of any book, tv show, or video game. It’s an adaptation of a viral horror story told over twitter. 

Artist Adam Ellis started a thread with that doozy of an opener. These sorts of metafictional/ARG type stories are common on the internet, but Adam Ellis made this special by adding a bit more to the production value. There was a whole plethora of images, videos, and even a really creepy drawing of the dead child in question. 

The film is the first attempt by a major film studio to adapt a story told in this rather unconventional format. The internet has opened up a lot of avenues for creators to tell out of the box stories and if this film proves successful, we could see a flood of similar projects greenlit. Your Twitter threads will be swarmed with fake ghost stories and I’m sure one of them will be mine, because you bet your butt I want that Twitter ghost story money. 

If you want to give the thread a read, here’s a link. If you don’t much like reading a story on Twitter, then any of these YouTube videos going over the whole story will do you just fine. I recommend ReignBot as she provides the most atmosphere (unless you don’t want to get nice and spooked). 

The film’s release date or cast is unknown at this time, but one thing is for certain, if the CGI looks half as good as the blurry images Adam Ellis made of the kid, then this film is going to be quite terrifying. Click on that link, I dare you.   

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