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Dede Allen – The Most Important Filmmaker You’ve Never Heard Of

Who plays an integral role in making a film? Casual filmgoers often answer this question by saying the writer, the director, and the actors. Some may even know that a cinematographer or sound designer have a considerable influence on the final result. But rarely does the editor come to mind, which is astounding considering just how critical they are to the look, feel, and overall effectiveness of a film.

In the words of legendary editor Dede Allen, “Editing at its best produces a film that flows so smoothly the audience thinks only of the entertainment, giving no thought to the mechanics that create it.”

She should know. She was a pioneer of the practice and among the best to have ever plied the trade.

Imagine if a director had made the following movies throughout his or her career: “Bonnie and Clyde,” “Serpico,” “Dog Day Afternoon,” “Slap Shot,” “The Breakfast Club,” and “The Addams Family,” among many others. They’d be seen as one of the most acclaimed directors of ALL TIME.

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Well, those are just a handful of films that Allen edited, making her one of the greatest names in filmmaking you’ve probably never heard of. In this video by Now You See It, we’re introduced to Allen and given a primer on just how critical editing is to the overall moviemaking process.