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When In Doubt, Stick to Classic Flicks

Boogie Nights Movie
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When In Doubt, Stick to Classic Flicks

Time to dust off the ol’ DVD collection.

It’s an unusual time to be a cinephile. Even more so for a blog dedicated to film. Unlike most movie news websites, Metaflix gets by with a diverse mix of content, from news to video essays to historical Hollywood photos to cosplay posts and even the occasional silly meme.

But it ain’t always easy.

A year ago there was more going on in Hollywood than one could possibly hope to cover. You couldn’t throw a cat without hitting a breaking news story. Now? Sometimes there are days when watching the clock feels productive, just waiting for anything to get the news wire buzzing.

Today is one of those days. There’s some Nicolas Cage news regarding his latest project (lol). A film starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jackie Chan dropped its first trailer. And Empire released a new photo of Gary Oldman in “Mank.” Whoop-de-doo.

Beyond the breaking announcement that Barry Jenkins is set to direct the live-action sequel to 2019’s “The Lion King,” there ain’t a whole lot that’s worth squawkin’ about.

So where does that leave us, the collective community of film fans? Pretty much up shit creek without a paddle, Bob. Because theaters in select markets throughout the country are still closed, most movies that were supposed to open in cinemas in the coming months have been delayed, and very few new movies are currently in production.

As a result, all we’ve really got are classic flicks to scratch that celluloid itch. A few nights ago “Goodfellas” was on television, so I watched it. That led to yesterdays Movie Detail Monday post about the famous dinner scene. Last night “Boogie Nights” was also on cable. So I watched that too. I’m not sure what movie is going to be on the boob tube tonight, but I’m going to watch whatever it is as well. And so it goes.

Which is all a very long winded way of saying that if Hollywood is going to be a barren wasteland for months and months to come, we’ve got to take movie programming into our own hands. Go ahead and retrofit your home, turning it into your own little repertory theater.

Behind on the classics? Turn to the IMDb Top 250 movies list and get caught up. Is there an era you’ve missed, like New York City in the 70s? Try to watch every flick featured throughout this video. Or just want to be entertained? Dust off your emotionally neglected DVD collection and re-kindle the passion you once had with a handful of old flames.

Remember: cinema isn’t just reserved for Friday nights with friends at your local movie theater. Cinema is an ever-present state of mind … or something corny like that. Just don’t stop watching movies. Oftentimes they’re the only things that feel sane in a world increasingly filled with insanity.

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