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Does Chris Pratt Want to Conquer Late Night?

Chris Pratt Late Night Tomorrow War
Amazon Studios

While promoting his film “The Tomorrow War” this week, Chris Pratt seemed to subtly express his interest in taking over late night. He hinted at this on both “Jimmy Kimmel Live” and “The Late Late Show with James Corden.”

James Corden mentioned that Pratt’s father-in-law, Arnold Schwarzenneger, had once said that Pratt would make a great late night host. Pratt then opened up about his genuine interest in taking on that role, given his recent experience of getting to film in his home-base of LA. He’s currently filming a limited series called “The Terminal List” in Los Angeles, based on the novel by Jack Carr.

Pratt said, “I would like that, I’ve really loved working home, man, I’ve got two kids!” He went on to say he loved his job as an actor, but had difficulties with the constant travel to obscure locations. “That’s getting hard, so I like the idea of a solid job.” He concluded with “I’d love to take over your show — I’ll do it!” He then kept randomly returning to the joke through the interview, “It still has [Corden’s] name on the cup…when can we switch that up?”

What’s more interesting, is that a week earlier Pratt did a similar bit on “Jimmy Kimmel Live.” Since it was Kimmel’s last show for the summer, Pratt came out with a cake, balloons and banners congratulating Kimmel on his last show ever. He also prepared a clip of the best moments from the past eighteen years of Kimmel — which just featured every time that Pratt had appeared.

It seems like Pratt is itching not only to host late night, but to take the chair from one of the greats. With no action movies to shoot, he could finally let the six pack go. You can see Pratt in “The Tomorrow War,” which released on Amazon Prime earlier this week.

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