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‘Encanto’ Trailer Gives the Gift of Magic

Walt Disney Animation Studios

Disney has released the official trailer for their upcoming animated musical “Encanto.” The movie focuses on Mirabel who lives in the enchanted Casa Madrigal, where each family member has a magic gift. Except, Mirabel, of course.

From the first scene of the trailer, the screen comes to life with vibrant colors and immense detail (in true Disney-Animated fashion). While Mirabel is at the center of the story, the trailer introduces us to her family that also received magical gifts along with their house.

Some of her family’s powers include shape-shifting, being able to communicate with animals, and super-human strength. The family lives somewhat in harmony, though Mirabel seems to stumble through life unable to find her place. Until the magic of the house comes under attack and the family begins to lose their power.

In the same vein as “Coco,” the familial bond is looks to be the heart of this movie. Whereas, Miguel in “Coco” is already musically inclined, Mirabel must live day-to-day without the use of magic. This may be the reason she is able to go on this quest to save her home.

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Hopefully, the story goes deeper than the seeming you’re-special-because-you’re-you concept. Being the 60th animated movie from Walt Disney Animation, the dial should be turned up to eleven. Not only in terms of music and design, but in story too.

“Encanto” will release in theaters this Thanksgiving and will stream on Disney Plus this Christmas Eve.