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Ethics Policy

Ethics Policy

Metaflix Media does not publish personal attacks against people, colleagues, or companies in the industries we cover, or those in the general public. We stress objectivity in reporting news and topics of a sensitive nature.

We abide by Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and Federal Communications Commission (FCC) guidelines. All disclaimers and disclosures are clear and conspicuous. We strive to keep editorial/criticism objective and separate from industry access/relationships and our monetization teams.

Metaflix is inclusive of all viewpoints and perspectives. We welcome writers of all backgrounds and encourage a diverse mix of reporting, editorial views, and opinions.

Attribution and Permission

Unless news, assets, or other information is originally sourced by Metaflix Media, we strive to provide attribution or link credit to original sources. We believe in responsibly sourcing facts and information, contributing to the online publishing environment, and promoting best journalism practices.

All images and other assets are used under license, with the permission of the copyright holder, or under the provisions of the Fair Use doctrine.

For corrections or update requests, please visit our Corrections page or contact us.