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Everything You Need To Know About ‘Aquaman 2’

Everything We Know About Aquaman 2
Warner Bros.

From the official title to possible plot points to the controversy and preparation behind the scenes, here is everything you need to know about “Aquaman 2” and Jason Momoa’s second adventure under the sea!

On Instagram last Thursday, Director James Wan posted a picture featuring the title of the new “Aquaman 2.” The photo appears to be a Zoom preproduction meeting for the film. In the second photo, Wan is wearing a casual Cuphead shirt and a simple black mask.

But you’re not here to discuss James Wan’s fashion choices, you want to hear the title! The post includes an image of waves in what one can assume is the ocean. Atop these waves, white text announces “Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom” as the official sequel title.

While neither the title nor the mysterious caption tell us too much about the film’s story, knowledge of the first movie might give us insight into this Harry-Potter-like title. In “Aquaman,” the titular character still has a lot to learn about the underwater Atlantis. His villainous brother, Prince Orm, points out in an early scene that Atlantis is split into seven kingdoms. One of these kingdoms he calls “the lost nation,” which he says has vanished. Perhaps this film deals with that vanished part of Atlantean history. It’s a fascinating part of the lore that’s worth looking into.

To nobody’s surprise, Yahya Abdul-Mateen is reprising his role as Black Manta for the second film. The end credit scene of “Aquaman” seemed to tee up the previously sidelined villain to be the next main antagonist. Perhaps Black Manta will have some relationship to this lost kingdom, and try to use it to dethrone Aquaman. Willem Dafoe, Nicole Kidman, Dolph Lundgren, and Patrick Wilson are each returning for the second film. David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick, the first film’s writer, will also be penning “Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom.” This will mark his fourth film collaborating with James Wan; he also worked with the director on both the Conjuring sequels.

However, certain fans don’t seem excited about the return of everyone. Many of the comments on Wan’s posts angrily call for the removal of Amber Heard from the film’s cast. Heard originally played Mera in “Justice League” and the first “Aquaman” film. She was last seen in the Snyder Cut’s extended dream sequence, where she fought an evil Superman alongside Batman and the Joker. During the time between “Aquaman” and its sequel, her relationship with Johnny Depp has made her a target of controversy. Their messy public feud has had both members accuse the other of abusive behavior. Thus, those who believe Depp have called for Heard’s removal from the Aquaman sequel.

But that doesn’t seem to be stopping Heard. In a post on her Twitter, she shared a workout video as she prepares to be in the film. Although her detractors had hoped Warner Bros. might have quietly dropped her from the film, you can see her down below preparing to be the Atlantean princess.

As if in response to Heard’s intense video, Yahya Abdul-Mateen posted his own photo on Instagram of how he seems to prepare for the role. But as you can see, he’s apparently taking it a bit easier than his costar.

“Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom” will be released December 16th, 2022.

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