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Fact Checking Policy

Accurate Headlines and Content

Metaflix strives for absolute accuracy in both headlines and content. In every article, reports and facts are sourced using best journalistic practices. Any rumors or speculative insider reports are identified accordingly to ensure a distinction between confirmed information and that of industry chatter which may be of interest to our readers.

Prior to articles being written, extensive research is done and resources are checked to verify facts, sources, and other objective information. We do not engage in clickbait tactics nor do we represent rumors, opinions, or subjective material as the basis of fact.

Seeking Official Comment

Anytime we report on a purported rumor, leak, or industry announcement from non-official sources, our policy is to reach out to an official representative for comment or confirmation. Even if the official representative is unable or unwilling to comment, we made the effort to confirm the information and state it as such in the article.

Accuracy Standards

Metaflix strives for the accuracy of facts, information, and statements at all times. We also strive for transparency, proper sourcing, and best journalistic practices. If a mistake is made and an error is included in an article, it is our policy to correct the error as quickly and accurately as possible.

For corrections or update requests, please visit our Corrections page or contact us.