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Fans Petition To Keep James Corden Out Of Yet Another Musical Adaptation

Cats Corden
Universal Studios

Man, people really hate James Corden. To be fair, he keeps popping up in these sub-par musical adaptations for no reason. If you watched either the “Cats” movie or his appearance in “The Prom,” then congrats, you are the only person to have watched both movies. Everyone else must have seen James Corden was in it and decided it was probably crap.

“The Late, Late Show” host also appeared in other musical screen adaptations such as “Into The Woods” and “Cinderella.” The guy must be a big fan of musicals I guess. Unfortunately, musical fans aren’t really big into him.

After news broke that the “Wicked” film has cast Ariana Grande and Cythia Ervio in the lead roles, a petition on in regards to the film appeared soon afterwards. The petition had nothing to do with either actress. In fact, as someone who has seen “Wicked” on stage, I can say Ariana Grande would make a great Glenda. No, fans were not trying to recast them, but instead, were nipping a casting call in the bud before it was even thought of. 

“James Corden in no way shape or form should be in or near the production of Wicked the movie. That’s pretty much it,” so says the petition, which is currently sitting at 29,000 signatures. That is only five thousand shy of their goal.

Before James Corden could even get his foot through the door, he has a petition out against his casting. He could be the cowardly lion maybe, tinman on a good day, but after this petition, it’s unlikely we’ll be seeing him. That is, if these petitions ever worked. There are over a million signatures to have Amber Heard recast in “Aquaman 2” and that has yet to occur.

So, James, if you want a role, then you can probably still get it. No amount of internet backlash over a casting has ever changed anything. Just ask Chris Pratt.

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