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Film Fight: Sweet Versus Savory for Your Go-To Movie Theater Snack

Film Fight Snacks
Film Fight: Snacks Edition (Unsplash)

Fancy yourself as having a bit of a sweet tooth? Or is it the savory stuff that gets your goat? Let’s settle this once and for all. In honor of Nia DaCosta’s “Candyman” now playing in theaters, if you only had one snacking option at the movie theater from now until your dying day (RIP), would you opt for sweet or savory?

Movie Theater Sweets

There are tons of options when it comes to satisfying your sweet tooth at the cinema. My personal “King of Cinema Candy” is Cookie Dough Bites. Let’s face it: everyone agrees that cookie dough is better than cookies themselves and eating these bite-sized candies are one of those rare opportunities to actually enjoy this incredible treat.

However, let’s not pretend that gummies aren’t the go-to move for many movie aficionados. From Sour Patch Kids to Swedish Fish to Gummy Bears, these snacks have it all: sweet, neat, and chewy.

Some folks may go with the more ancillary treats such as Skittles, Junior Mints (they’re very refreshing!) or the like, but let’s not get bogged down talking about those with racoon palates.

Movie Theater Savory

Let’s face it, nobody is eating those crusty hot dogs at the movie theater. When it comes to eating a savory snack at the cinema, popcorn is the stand-alone king.

Part of this debate and its corresponding poll is to see whether theaters are paying their rent by selling overpriced candy or overpriced popcorn. I’d have to image popcorn takes the cake in this regard. Popcorn costs less and sells for more. Furthermore, popcorn is synonymous with watching movies, so much so that plenty of movie-related brand logos simply feature a piece of popcorn to indicate their niche.


This may be a shocker: I don’t eat or drink at the movies. To me, going to see a movie at my local cinema is like going to church. I’m there to worship the medium, not stuff my face.

But there are rare instances where I may get rewarded with some free food thanks to the frequency of my visits. And on those occasions my go-to snack is a no-brainer: popcorn. Why? Because I can go out and buy a box of candy anytime I want. Freshly-made theater popcorn is infinitely better than the homemade variety and when the opportunity presents itself, why not treat myself? Popcorn for the win.

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