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Five Gifts For All Film Lovers

Gifts for Movie Lovers

You love movies, your friends love movies, but no one loves searching for gifts. Here are five great ideas for the next time you have to throw together a present for the cinephile in your life.

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“Inception” Spinning Top

“Inception” fans rejoice! Fans of Christopher Nolan’s blockbusting, mind-bending hit starring Leonardo DiCaprio must own a variant of the film’s most iconic prop, the dream spinning top.

“Pulp Fiction” Poster

Even if you haven’t seen the movie (which, by the way, why haven’t you?) this movie poster is recognizable. Seriously, this movie poster is everywhere–it’s practically synonymous with the word “pop culture.” Fans of Quentin Tarantino, films in general, or quintessential flick posters must own this one.

Unpaid Movie Critic Fan T-Shirt

We cinephiles are basically known for our rants and very vocal opinions regarding all things film, so why not wear your passion with pride? This funny t-shirt will show everyone you’re just dying to voice a review of the next movie you watch.

The Oscars Best Pictures of All Time Puzzle, 1000 Pieces

The Oscars don’t always get it right, but the view always looks better from afar, and that’s certainly the case with this cool 1,000 piece puzzle showcasing all the best picture winners (at least until “The Shape of Water”).

“Do Not Disturb, I’m Watching Movies” Funny Ankle Socks

Ok, now these socks are just hilarious! Definitely, a must-wear, and I mean, if you’re planning on going on a movie binge anyway, why not do it in style?

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