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Florida Man Rents Helicopter, Poops on Hollywood Sign

Mike Busey Hollywood Sign
Instagram: Mike Busey

Metaflix has spilled plenty of ink about the iconic Hollywood sign. From historical photographs to its transformations and restorations over the years, the sign is as much a part of Tinseltown as anything. Heck, we even did a video essay about the numerous occasions pranksters changed the sign to read “HollyWEED” in honor of 4/20:

Yet this article is covering new territory unlike anything we’ve seen before: a Florida Man rented a helicopter, flew over the Hollywood sign, and pooped on it.

The perpetrator of this sh-t and run is named Mike Busey, a self-described renegade famously known for his so-called Sausage Castle compound in Astatula, Florida. Anything goes at the Sausage Castle, from drinking and sex to drugs and concerts.

Busey seemingly has a bone to pick with Hollywood for its politically correct ways. So he did the only reasonable thing one would consider doing in protest, i.e. spraying a bunch of loose stool on Hollywood’s longstanding totem.

One can assume that Busey and the pilot violated a whole bunch of laws and FAA regulations performing the stunt, so time will tell if the long arm of the law reaches all the way over to the Sausage Castle to collar ol’ Mister Mudbutt. Until then, you can visit his site and watch the video towards the top of the page HERE.

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