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Francis Ford Coppola’s Utterly Massive Notebook for ‘The Godfather’

The fact that material related to “The Godfather” franchise keeps popping up throughout the movie-verse to this very day is a testament to its absolute brilliance and enduring legacy.

Just a couple of months ago Metaflix posted a great visual aid depicting the Coppola family tree. It shows that “The Business,” as some in Hollywood refer to it, is certainly the Coppola’s domain, with some 14 members of the family (and counting) participating in one form or another.

Now we focus on the man himself, Francis Ford Coppola, with a brief peek behind the curtain on what it took to make “The Godfather.” This outlet regularly states that “Citizen Kane” is the greatest movie ever made. I agree with that assessment. However, which film is easily the #1 contender for that title? Well, “The Godfather” of course, and many film fans even place the gangster flick at the top of the all-time list.

Beyond just the final result, though, is something else to bear in mind: the director of the film is the person in charge of it all, the supreme leader, the one with the heavy head wearing the crown. Coppola had to manage a CRUSH of both artistic and organizational pressure and this video shows exactly how arduous of a profession filmmaking can be.

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