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Henry Cavill Gets His Glorious Mustache Back in VFX Fan Cut

YouTube: Corridor Crew


Henry Cavill Gets His Glorious Mustache Back in VFX Fan Cut

After Warner Bros. finally #ReleasedTheSnyderCut, fans still want more. These never satisfied fans demand that they #RestoreTheSnyderVerse. If that wasn’t enough, now some fans are demanding that they #ResleaseTheMustacheCut. Luckily for these fans, Youtube VFX channel Corridor Crew have finally given Henry Cavill the mustache he so helplessly lost. 

Back when Joss Whedon’s cut of “Justice League” was being filmed and released, there was more talk about Cavill’s mustache than the movie. While Zack Snyder filmed his entire cut without Cavill having a mustache, Whedon wasn’t so lucky. Cavill had to grow it for “Mission: Impossible – Fallout” and the studio would not let him shave it for “Justice League” reshoots. 

Instead, Warner Bros. had it digitally removed. But it looked weird. Uncomfortable, mostly. If you had successfully removed that image from your brain forever, I apologize.

You can blame me when your therapist asks why you are having nightmares again. 

While Warner Bros. won’t show us what the original, hairy version looked like, Corridor Crew used deepfake technology (and some CGI) to digitally add Henry Cavill’s mustache back. It took a few days, and it was an incredibly complex process. But after lots of hard work, they were finally able to make a trailer for the next “Justice League” sensation. 

And I strongly believe Henry Cavill’s mustache is the only application of cutting edge deepfake technology. This is the way the world should work. 

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