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Here’s How You Bring the Dark Universe Back From The Dead

Universal Pictures

Everyone has been talking about the “Renfield” movie. Nicolas Cage as Dracula is a dream come true. His performance in “Vampire’s Kiss” should have landed him this iconic role ages ago. Then again, people want to be afraid of Dracula and well … fear is not exactly what I felt after watching “Vampire’s Kiss.” That said, I felt more watching that film than I ever could watching “Dracula Untold.” 

With news of Awkwafina being added to the cast of “Renfield,” it’s clear they are taking a more comedic angle with the film. Add to that the fact that we have Brendan Fraser making his return to “The Mummy” franchise. Fraser and Cage might be the one-two punch that the Dark Universe needs to jumpstart it back to life. Or unlife or undeath, whatever, you get the joke.

My point is these movies need something more than just a screaming Tom Cruise to market them. Nostalgia for “The Mummy” movies and the internet’s rightful love of Brendan Fraser may be enough to carry that film to financial success. “Renfield” on the other hand, will be a completely different type of animal. Fortunately, it seems those making it are aware of that. They wouldn’t have cast Nicolas Cage if they didn’t. 

If these films ignite love for the characters, then an interconnected classic monster movie universe might still be in the cards. By using a mixture of dark comedy and horror like the classics that precede them, then Universal Pictures may be able to finally have their own shared universe to call their own. 

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