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Hilarious Audition Tapes for ‘Scott Pilgrim vs. The World’

Scott Pilgrim Auditons
Scott Pilgrim Auditons

“Scott Pilgrim vs. The Wold” is a forgotten gem. Released in 2010, the film follows 23 year old Scott Pilgrim in his quest to win over the mysterious Ramona Flowers by defeating her seven exes. Directed by the brilliant Edgar Wright, the film turns the romantic comedy genre on its head with a arcade style fight scenes and an adolescent levity only the young, British director could bring.

However, the all-star cast is what makes the film. Michael Cera plays the eponymous Scott Pilgrim and Mary Elizabeth Winstead plays Ramona. The supporting cast includes Anna Kendrick, Brie Larson, Aubrey Plaza, Kieran Culkin, Jason Schwartzman, and a Chris Evans with mutton chops.

Looking at the cast now, one has to wonder how Wright managed to book such a ridiculous group of actors. But we have to remember, the movie was filmed in 2008 and released in 2010. Most of the cast were still somewhat undiscovered, and Michael Cera was really the only one with A-list credentials (“Superbad” came out in 2009).

That’s why these audition tapes are so fun to watch. It’s hard to believe Brie Larson was at some point not Captain Marvel and Aubrey Plaza wasn’t simply April from “Parks and Rec.” But Wright secured these actors before they took on their now infamous roles and before they were really accepted into Hollywood. There’s an adolescent innocence central to “Scott Pilgrim” and it’s largely due to its wide-eyed, guileless nature of its cast. I mean, how awesome is pre-“Succession” Kieran Culkin?!