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How Creators Cunningly Adapt Movies into Board Games

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How Creators Cunningly Adapt Movies into Board Games

We all know a lot about films adapting other mediums. We here at Metaflix report on it all the time. 

“New [insert book name] adaptation coming your way!”

“Director will adapt [popular Broadway musical] into film!”

Even “ adaptation coming to HBO!”

But what about films adapted into other, less conventional mediums. Like board games! Many studios will try to capitalize on the success of the film by making a companion board game. But successful ones take a lot of creativity and artistry to pull off. 

Creators face the immediate challenge of trying to decide what is the most important aspect of a film to replicate on the board. Is this film’s horror or uncertainty the most important? Is it all about complex characters? Or Is it about big set pieces? Distilling the film’s central idea into an experience for a board game is an incredible challenge. 

Check out this incredibly in-depth analysis of the artform from CineFix. It tackles board game adaptations of famous franchises like “Aliens,” “Jurassic Park,” “James Bond,” “Die Hard,” and “Star Wars.”

Each film requires a different approach. “James Bond” is really about utilizing the Bond formula, with lots of callbacks and film references. “Star Wars” on the other hand, at least some of its games, are about exploring the world beyond the movies. Just like with film adaptations, how faithful board games stay to their source material is always a question the creator must ask. 

Watch the video above to see more about how these films were turned into board games, and the incredible thought process that goes behind these often-overlooked adaptations. 

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