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How Much Time Must Pass Before A Spoiler No Longer Requires A Spoiler Warning?

Movie Spoilers

Spoiler warnings and the people that complain about spoilers are out of control.

It’s gotten to the point where trailers aren’t supposed to show a single frame related to the plot and when discussing films from any point in time–even decades ago–it is now passé to mention any twist, turn, or revelation. “Dude, you just gave a spoiler!” “What the hell man, you just ruined the movie!!!”

Well guess what, buddy boy, if you didn’t bother to get off your ass and go see the movie when it was actually playing in theaters, I’m not going to tiptoe around your laziness and worry about spoilers.

Because that’s the amount of time I consider it appropriate to worry about spoilers–the 4 weeks or so the film is being shown at the cinema. I’m also willing to extend this window another month or so if folks have young kids at home and can’t go to the movies and need to wait for flicks to hit a streaming service.

But after that? The protection of any plot point or character revelation is no longer my responsibility. It is now on you.

Metaflix ran a poll about the whole spoiler phenomenon, which is embedded above. Most people–about 80%–agree that spoilers need only to be protected while a film is in theaters, or perhaps a month or so afterwards. But not all.

Do you agree with this, and if so, how strict or loose are your spoiler standards? Let us know on social media and we’ll gladly mix it up with you. Simply click on our social media links in the footer of the page below and be sure to vote in our poll!

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