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How Quentin Tarantino Makes Violence Fun

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How Quentin Tarantino Makes Violence Fun

Tarantino has called himself a ‘cheerleader’ for violence in cinema.

If you were to close your eyes and listen to a Quentin Tarantino movie, what kind of sounds would you experience? We’ve already talked about how Tarantino uses a killer soundtrack to create moods and add depth to his characters, but one of the best aspects of Tarantino’s sound design can only be heard during his most violent scenes. 

Tarantino and over-the-top violence have gone hand in hand ever since his 1992 torture-filled “Reservoir Dogs.” The Academy Award-winning director has caught slack over the years for his unapologetic depiction of extreme brutality. In an MTV interview, Tarantino defended his use of violence and explained his affinity for violence in cinema:

“Where I’m coming from, it’s less about reveling in violence, it’s more about (…) anything can happen. There are no moral boundaries, and there are no ‘oh you can’t do that’ kind of boundaries (…) The fact that anything can happen to my characters or in the scenario of the story, that is the relish that I have.”

The video from StudioBinder above shows examples of the stylistic and realistic sound effects incorporated into classic Tarantino gore-scenes. Tarantino’s sound design during his film’s lethal moments is meant to inject either excitement and catharsis or dread and realism into the situation. Check it out to see how sound design can make even the most brutal scenes a complete blast. 

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