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How Silent TV and Movie Props Are Made

The Prop Guy
The Prop Guy

The Prop Master has an entire YouTube channel dedicated to a behind the scenes look at movie props. From videos showing off sports props to prop coffee, The Prop Master covers it all. In the video above, The Prop Master shows off a few mind-blowing movie props no one would have known existed.

Making a movie is an incredibly collaborative process. While the writers, directors and actors may get all the love. Unsung heroes on a film set include the sound department and the prop masters.

Often times, noisy movie props become a problem in the editing room when editors are mixing sound. To avoid this, the prop master must work closely with the sound department to create silent props. These are custom made props that resemble regular noisy objects. However, through the help of prop team, these objects won’t make a sound . Making the life of an editor a whole lot easier along the way.

These props include vinyl grocery bags, racket balls that are painted to look like pool balls, and rubber handcuffs. While a paper grocery bag does an excellent job at carrying your produce, they make an awful lot of noise on set. So much so that it may get in the way of the dialogue. To fix this, filmmakers use custom vinyl grocery bags, which reduce the sound by 90%.

Additionally, pool tables are present in nearly every bar scene but actual pool balls would make way too much noise. The solution? Racket balls! Racket balls make almost no noise, yet they are the same size and shape of pool balls. Lastly, rubber handcuffs act as a way to reduce the rattling of the metal as well as a safer alternative for actor who may trip and fall while wearing them.

To hear The Prop Master describe these props himself, check out the video above. And for more fun behind the scenes videos about props head over to his channel here.