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How the Sensational ‘Shallow’ Scene Was Born

Bradley Cooper’s “A Star is Born” was a massive hit when it was released in 2018. The film captured our hearts with great performances and music. Both of those elements are on full display in the ‘Shallow’ concert scene.

At the end of the first act, country star Jack (Cooper) invites Ally (Lady Gaga) onstage to perform with him. After she freestyled a song the night before, Jack returned to his band to turn the song into a full arrangement. Ally watches on as Jack begins to sing her song before eventually joining him. Following Ally’s mesmerizing performance, a star is born.

The ‘Shallow’ scene in “A Star is Born” is crucial to the foundation of the story. Not only does it mark the beginning of Ally’s transformation into a pop star, it solidifies the relationship between Ally and Jack.

Cooper and the film’s sound editors had to get this scene perfect in order for the audience to be investing in rest of the film. This meant balancing dialogue, foley sounds, and instruments with live vocals.

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Insider met with the sound team to see how they pulled off mixing many different layers of sound so that the audience would feel like they were in the concert crowd. For a behind the scenes look into the creation of this iconic scene check out the video above.